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Metaphysical Healing

Below please find my Master of Metaphysical Healing Course Essay for submission for completion of this course and for issuance of the degree, as noted at the end of the Lesson 20:The Master of Metaphysical Healing Program by Rev. Katherine Lee Kruger, while not as expected based upon the program description in the catalog and the course overview, was definitely of great value and benefit.  A result of completing this home study course is that it has reinforced my own understanding of the special nuances of the healer – client relationship and the absolute importance of always being of the highest integrity and highest intent when working within clients’ energy fields.  The inclusion of a reiteration of the necessity of being prepared on all levels prior to beginning a healing session was most beneficial, as was The Healer’s Oath at the end of the program, which was appreciated and heartfelt.  Where I found the background history of Traditional Healers in South Africa a most informative and interesting glimpse into another culture, and appreciate the hard won accomplishments attained by the author and her fellow practitioners, the beneficial relevancy did not match the expectations of this program as described, nor was I able to find agreement with her declamation verging on diatribe regarding creating realities.   

I feel a greater benefit would have been met if the program had delved deeper into the actual energy work processes and techniques.  However, I believe I will be able to incorporate most of the processes and techniques into my own healing practice, and especially hold value for the Aura Reading with its “expedition into the body” process, all of the “induction” processes, and the diagrams and discourse on the Chakras and the Human Energy Fields.  The meditations and the self-healing process were also found to be of great value.   I have, after reading about the author, a respect for what she has accomplished for not only Traditional and Spiritual Healers in South Africa, but also for the time and effort put into providing this home study course.


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Comparative Religion Course by Rev. Jan RavenSpirit Franz

What you gained from this Comparative Religion course:  
I gained a much better understanding of the complex, yet interconnectedness of the Religions of the world. Though quite diverse in implementation, there appears to be a common thread of etiology.  Religion is truly for man and woman. It is created to fill voids of lack of understanding with comfort, commonality and a sense of purpose, direction and accountability. You may not agree with a particular belief system, yet you need to respect one’s choice regardless.  Hence the need for interfaith pastors.  I believe that Religions are clearly based on cultural environment, i.e. the God’s and Goddesses that correlate to the sentiment and culture of the subjects with whom the are working with. 
A people sees God/Goddess in the image of what they know- their culture. Native Americans did not see Spider Woman as Danu for example.   The image of Jesus throughout history has changed so many times, yet never really reflecting what he probably actually looked like-Jewish!
Once you get passed your own world, perhaps through meditation, you can make contact with deity different than what you have grown up believing it to be…. which also opens the way towards cultural understanding. They are inexplicably tied together. 
I also gained a more detailed understanding of how religions have shaped political agenda since the dawn of time. Some moreso than others of course.  Our political landscape in America today is shaped more by religious etiology than not.  (My personal opinion- not what the forefathers had in mind!) Not just in this country, but the world over.  It has been used and unfortunately misused to bring about control and demonization of people, races, cultures and women for thousands of years.  It is quoted and interpreted, misquoted and misinterpreted, re-written to the point of almost creating new text that forward agenda. That saddens me but it is a reality and so very human.  There again, with an eye towards an accurate accounting of history, you able to decipher more truths. 

What you liked best in this course:
I liked the ability to complete it as I could within the confines of my schedule.  I additionally very much enjoyed learning the history of the world through a spiritually based set of glasses. It is a new and eye opening experience. If only people could understand the historical basis of Religion(s), I believe it would open the minds and hearts towards more tolerance.  There is way too much of the “I’m right, this is the only way attitude” which precludes individuals from questioning and growing. I believe it comes from a place of fear – fear of being different, fear of change, fear of not being accepted or being condemned.  History provides an opening of the door of reality and understanding. 

What you liked least about this course.
 I thought the information about Wicca could have been more expansive and complete. There were, what I believe to be, some inaccuracies stated. Nothing major, just little things that a Wiccan would notice. 

How you think these discourses could be improved.
I would simply include more correct and more information generally about Wicca/ Paganism.  Perhaps provide the ability of students to chat online about the course as they study.  I did email Rev., Ann once, but not hear anything in return.  

Additionally, the format. Though being an artist, I do very much enjoy the color and photos/pictures, I would love to see that included but perhaps in a more consistent, simpler fashion. When you print out the pages the fonts change from very small and hard to read to large. Just a bit more simply constructed format for ease of printing without having to save it-and then alter it to print  in a readable fashion. 

Any other comments.

Would you be interested in taking other courses from Rev. Kythera Ann?

Rev. Jan RavenSpirit Franz



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The Four Gospels

The four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in it’s original Greek text gives the reader a better understanding and chance to interpret the events that took place with the gospels and Christ.
With Matthew, one of the ideas that made me stop and think about the wisdom of Christ was when he was with his students in Israel. As he was seated at the table in his house with tax collectors and godless people, with Jesus and his students. The Pharisees said: why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and godless people? Jesus replied: It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. My interpretation of this is that I’m here to help those that need help with understanding the word of god. Another example was when Jesus said: Don’t judge, so that you won’t be judged ; you will be sentenced to the same sentence you sentence others, and by whatever standard you measure you will be measured. In our days, as well as then, it is hard not to pass judgment on our fellow man. I will have to make an effort to not judge others and remember that there is only one force in our world to do just that.
It is hard for me to except that Jesus had such awesome power to cure the sick with every disease and every infirmity while making his rounds of all the towns and villages, in their synagogues, proclaiming the good word of the kingdom of god. I sometimes wonder if some of these “miracles” were maybe exaggerated a little when written. The twelve students he refers to are the twelve apostles, one of which is Matthew the tax collector.
According to Mark, John came along, bathing others in the wilderness and announcing the washing of a changed heart for the forgiveness of wrongs is the first Baptisms being held in the Jordan river. The people of Judea and all the people of Jerusalem were admitting their mistakes and John was washing away their sins. I’m glad there’s fast food restaurants today, because John’s diet of locusts and wild honey would get old fast for me.
Luke’s account of Joseph and Mary from the town of Bethlehem is very interesting. Because of a census of the world by Caesar Augustus, everyone was to be registered to their own home town. Joseph was from the city of David and was registered with Mary as his fiancee, who was pregnant. Here, she bore her son, her first born, in a grain crib. A messenger of the lord came and gave the good news that a savior was born to the city of David. This account sounds like the story told so many times at Christmas every year.
John tells the story of Jesus washing the feet of his students, Peter has a problem with the lord washing his feet. Jesus replies that he is just setting the example. He also knew who would betray him. He dunks a piece of bread and offers it to Judas Simon Iscariot. What a toast that must of been.
I learned a lot of important wisdom by reading this book, and I know that it will help me in my daily endeavors. I can only hope that the wisdom of Christ will shape my life and make me a better human being.
Rev. Robert Kenneway

The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more.

Ordination with the Universal Life Church, is free,  and lasts for life, so use the Free Online Ordination, button.

The  ULC, run by Rev. Long, has created a chaplaincy program to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I’ve been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it’s Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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Mystical Christianity

Mystical Christianity Final
Sharon J. Mayer
Mother Maryesah Karelon’s classes on Mystical Christianity were a definite turning point for me on my path to knowledge. The lessons covered many themes of early Christianity and church dogma. The practice of making the church masculine and taking the feminism out of worship was brought into the Christian church in the fourth century. In 1950’s the Marian Year was introduced to the Catholic Church and has been an integral part of the religious structure since. Why was the feminine part of the church removed? And why was it brought back in such a form? It can not be said because of the area of the globe where the church started as the church had moved beyond its humble beginning to encompass most of the known world. It seems that it was done as the many peoples who were members of the church needed to have a feminine side to worship as well as the all powerful male side. The people clambered for a softer side to hold on to in faith. Since the church could make the Mother of God a person who was obedient and pure this belief was allowed by the church.
The Church had followed the Roman Road throughout the years and the leaders had taken much of the thought from the religions that were prevalent in the areas that Rome conquered. If one studies the areas and beliefs of the people it can be seen that integral parts of local belief were added to the practices of the church. This was done either to pacify the people or make the church more accessible to the masses but with the final reason of holding all to one faith and rule. By making the church part of the ruling country and making it the only means of salvation, ruling the masses was made much easier. If the beliefs of the masses fit in and the holidays and services were compatible with what the church and the rulers wanted then they were added to church doctrine. This is why we celebrate when and what we do if members of the faith.
In many areas it was the belief in the feminine that prevailed as the life giver and sustainer to all. The feminine was considered the seed that all life sprang from and the nurturer that sustained life. Because the church and the leaders of the world thought that too much worship was given to the feminine and they were espousing a masculine all powerful and vengeful god they suppressed that part of the worship and made only the masculine god the deity to worship. The concept of Spirit was changed to one and the duality of the spirit was suppressed. By doing this the church and leaders could control the peoples as according to the new religious belief on through the church could one find peace, joy and redemption. Before this time, about the fourth through twelfth centuries the belief in a feminine side of Spirit was normal. It was the feminine side that was the teacher and giver.
It was about the fourth century when the church wanted to make a point that their “founder” was as much a mythical god” as other religions that the true nature of Jesus was changed and the feminine was removed. The debate of who was a part of Jesus’ life also started at this time. There are passages in the modern Bible that are in conflict because this family and possibly his personal life did not include women. If he was to be thought of as a teacher in the time he most certainly would have followed the prescribed rules and taken a wife. I find it hard to believe that he was sent by God to be a part of the human on earth and was not to live life. How would he be able to fully understand if he did not participate in life fully?
As for the church taking a person out of context and at first giving her a dubious history and then making her a saint as they did with the Magdalene is one of the mysteries of the church. There are so many female mystics of the church that it seems improbable that the feminine side of religion can be ignored. All other with the exception of Christianity have a decidedly female side. With the introduction of Mary, Mother of Jesus into the picture this feminine since has been reintroduced. That seemed to be acceptable when she was deemed to be pure at the birth of Jesus and made to be able to represent all other women no matter who they may have been or their relationship to Jesus. In the early years of the Church women were able to teach but after the fourth century they were greatly monitored.
It is so interesting to see in one publication all the women being a part of the understanding of purpose of life and what we are to learn while in our earthly bodies. No matter what is written or believed by some the feminine must play an important part in the paths each of us must take to gain understanding and reach our full potential of wholeness. Even in modern times the women who have tried to guide us to this understanding have been given a back seat to the masculine side of religion.
When the Europeans came to the New World they were met by peoples that believed it was Mother Sky, Corn Women, White Buffalo Women, and Spider Woman – to name a few that gave life and sustenance to the people. The Europeans worked very hard to suppress these teachings and to impose the teachings of the Church on the people. Granted they allowed the teaching that Mary, the Mother of Jesus could be worshiped as this had been a part of the church for some time. All else was taken away from the people and women were thought of as lower than men. Since the basis teaching of the value of womanhood was lost the poor and in some cases brutal treatment of women has prevailed among the Native Americans to this day.
If the time is coming when we all must start learning the real reason we are on earth and bring the thought of Oneness to the world then both sides of understanding must be taught and present. There must be a masculine and a feminine to have a whole. All must come to an understanding of the true teachings for the great Oneness to happen. When both sides come back together learning and peace will be possible.
Mother Maryesah has skillfully written the course so we can see history unfold and gain understanding of what has taken place in the church and what needs to be accomplished. With her writing skills and ability to bring us to a point of further reference and understanding she has shed light on a part of religion that has been suppressed for many centuries. I truly feel that much light has been cast on the subject by this class.
In addition to the lessons I also read the following books which in many parts parallel the writings of Mother Maryesah: The Secret Teachings of Jesus, Four Gnostic Gospel; ; Forbidden Faith, the Gnostic Legacy, Richard Somley; Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene, the followers of Jesus in History and Legend, Bart D. Ehrman; Lost Christianities, the Battles of Scripture and Faiths We Never Knew, Bart D. Ehrman; Lost Scriptures, Books that Did not Make It into the New Testament, Bart D. Ehrman; and Sylvia Browne’s The Two Marys.


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Shamanism Course

Shamanism - A course through the Universal Life Church.
My journey to this place of knowing has been a wonderful yet bittersweet one.
On February 2, 2003, my husband of 16 years, left me and our two sons to search for ‘greener pastures’. On this day, I have a ‘moment’ and the name ‘Blossom Spring’ appears in my consciousness. Where did it come from? Who gave it to me? It doesn’t matter. It seems to fit me. I now see it as a sign of the fruitfulness of my new path in this life. I was, however, hesitant to own it so I used the name for my new company.
This is a usual reaction of mine. I have a vision, see an actual entity or a flash of clairsentience, then I second guess it. Tell myself things like, “I’m not crazy” or “It didn’t happen,” and “I must be dreaming” were my common responses to these phenomena. I’m a much better listener, now.
When I was a very small child, I’m not sure how old I was, but I had bars on the side of my bed to keep me from falling out, I awoke in the middle of the night and watched a parade of ‘people’ walk into my room. They can in, single file, through the bedroom doorway and marched around the room in a big circle, to the foot of my bed, then climbed up and continued past my head where they disappeared into the wall. Of these figures, one stands out to me; He’s an Indian chief in full costume. A headdress and all. He looks at me and almost smiles. It makes me feel safe and I drift right back to sleep. I never told anyone about this before. I don’t know why really. I guess it just felt like a normal, everyday thing to me. It didn’t worry me a bit and I felt safe.
Another memory that stands out to me is a long forgotten one that just came back to me recently. I was at a birthday party when I was about three or four years old, for my cousin. It was in a picnic area outside of his apartment building. I sneaked inside to look for toys to play with when I saw an old woman in a rocking chair in the corner of the dining room. She had a crochet blanket on her lap and a shawl around her shoulders. She had tight gray curls, a large round body and pale complexion, and she wasn’t happy to see me. In the strangled, raspy, gruff voice of a very old woman, she told me to get out. She said I was in her house and didn’t belong there, but I saw a playpen in the corner which I recognized as my cousins. I knew I was in the right place, but I didn’t dare argue! I was very confused and I ran outside to tell my mother what happened. She and my aunt told me that no one was inside.
I guess I thought that everyone had experiences like these; unexplainable coincidences, intuition and even visions. It wasn’t until I started to think it might be neat to explore psychic energy that I realized my experiences were unique. I had this ‘gift’. I’ve since read about people who were frightened by such phenomena when it happened to them, but I never was. It has always felt natural to me.
Once I learned how to tune into this energy, instead of catching things as they randomly came in, I began having deep and meaningful exchanges with the other side.
The first big message I received came when I was concerned about my sister and her husband having trouble conceiving. I relaxed myself into the now familiar trance-like state and asked, “Why?”. Suddenly and vividly, her womb appeared in front of my eyes! As I strained to look more closely, it magnified itself and came closer to my face. I saw a beautiful, pink uterus and left fallopian tube. The right tube was in a shadow and I saw a broom sweeping it away. I was so excited, I jumped up and started dancing around my living room! I couldn’t believe how easy it was or how well my vision responded to my questions. I was thrilled!
Once I regained my composure, I called my sister and calmly explained to her what happened, then I urged her to see her doctor. She did, and the x-rays showed scar tissue in her right fallopian tube so they made plans for surgery to clean it out. Later, I told her she would be a mom in January of the coming year. I told her that I had seen a vision of her and her husband welcoming me into their home and I saw a bassinet in the living room. She called me that summer and asked me to remember what was supposed to happen in January. We both started screaming and I was jumping around the back yard laughing and crying all at once! She was pregnant and the due date was January twelfth. However, a week later, she called to say she had miscarried. It didn’t occur to me until that moment that I never saw a baby in the basinet. I determined right then and there to seek further training.
This is how I came to find Elizabeth Joyce. She lives nearby and I found an ad for her upcoming psychic development class. I learned many things from her about trusting myself and asking the right questions when seeking answers from the spirit world. She helped me to gain the confidence to ‘read’ again.
All during this time I’ve been working as a Holistic Health Practitioner, both in a local health food store and my own private practice out of my home. I earned my Master Herbalist certification and I make herbal health and beauty products under the name Blossom Spring. To enhance my practice, I learned all I could about bio kinetics, chakras, auras and mind over matter visualizations and the parts they all play in healing. I read voraciously about physics and energy, health and positive thinking, as well as a myriad of psychic authors. Suddenly, my two interests became one. The more I read the more connections I made. I was reading and meditating and finding my way through all of the information out there.
I thought the good Lord must have something ‘different’ in mind for me. I felt the Spirit leading me away from my church and into a true one-on-one relationship with Him. It was a complicated time in my life to say the least.
I was a very active member of my church for ten years. I participated in bible studies, Sunday school and a shepherding program in which I took on ten church families and watched over them and acted as a sort of liaison between them and the pastor. Then my husband left me and my intuition started to grow. These two things effectively changed my relationship with my church. Nobody was happy about the divorce and it made it hard for people to talk to me. I confided in a few ‘friends’ about my growing relationship with God and the things He was showing me. They told me I was crazy because God doesn’t talk to people anymore, (only the devil does apparently!) and they asked me to please not tell anyone else about these so called ‘visions from God’. While I understood their reactions, it alienated me and my boys anyway. The love and connectedness I had once felt were gone, so I took a time-out.
When I went back a few months later to join a bible study, the senior pastor took me aside and he yelled at me saying things like, how dare I come and go as I pleased! If I wasn’t going to come back and be as involved as I used to be, I needn’t come back at all! When I tried to explain how I was feeling and why I backed off for a little while, he yelled over the top of me about how rotten my kids are and that’s when I said that I didn’t think things would get pretty from here, and I left.
The things I just recounted are the facts as they happened in my presence and as they were witnessed by others. There were other things said into the senior pastor’s ear by another member of the pastoral staff which no one told me about. I know these things because the Spirit showed me, not because of gossip or hearsay. I figure that God must have really wanted me out of there to use the senior pastor of such a great church in this way. None of the witnesses that day could believe his behavior any more than I could.
While trying to make peace with that whole experience I continued having visions of my future, deceased loved ones and even little, everyday type intuitions. Things like just knowing I should take a different route to work, only to find out later that there had been an accident on my usual route. That kind of thing.
One day I was thinking about the nature of God and how much I’ve learned and expanded my understanding of Him, when I felt a wave of ‘knowing’ come over me. I suddenly knew that God was calling me to the ministry. I went directly to my computer and became ordained that day.
As for my decision to earn my Doctor of Shamanism degree, that was the easiest, most natural call to answer. Beginning with my first vision of the Indian chief in my bedroom, to my connection to God through nature, to the fact that I have been a Shaman in at least two of my past lives, then add to that my Blackfoot Indian heritage, and it’s just a natural choice.
I am an herbalist, a natural health care provider, and I take my cues for a clients health from the spirit world. I am Shaman.
Dr. Bonnie Tripodi, MH, DD
a.k.a. Blossom Spring
The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more. I have been a proud member of the ULC for many years and the Seminary since its inception.

As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge selection of Universal Life Church  minister supplies. Since being ordained with the Universal Life Church for so many years and it’s Seminary since the beginning, I’ve watch the huge change and growth that has continued to happen.

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As an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church for many years and it’s Seminary since its inception, I’ve had the privilege of watching the Seminary grow.
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Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening
I have been thinking about what it means to be spiritually awake and have not yet figured out what that means.  I have been going from one Internet site after another looking for information that will explain exactly what spiritual awakening is all about.
The closest I came to finding an answer talked about being a Christian and all that has to it.  But, being a Christian is only a very small part of what it means to be spiritually awake.  One site talked about the attributes of a spiritually awake person in a paper titled “The Purpose of Life is Spiritual Growth”.  I can agree with this statement but still it is only a title to a paper.  Within the paper it gives a statement about the fact that there are two types of people in this world.  One is the materialist minded person and the other is the spiritually-minded person.  The paper says that a person with a “materialistic mind is greedy, selfish, competitive, cold-hearted, deceitful, unintelligent, close-minded, ill mannered, unfriendly, easily addicted, overly emotional, easily angered, revengeful, vicious, barbaric, inhumane and war like.  They are destructive through their thoughts, words and actions”.  The paper goes on to describe the “spiritually minded person as being generous, kind, helpful, cooperative, loving, forgiving, caring, considerate, compassionate, patient, calm, honest, intelligent, logical, open-minded, friendly and peaceful.  They are constructive through their thoughts, words and actions”.
How many of you would describe your self as being a materialistic person with all the characteristic of that kind of a person?  Very few of you I’m sure, but do you not display those kinds of attributes from time to time?  You could say, “I’m only normal” and you are.  We all present to the world both kinds of mannerisms and we are both materialistic and spiritual people. Some of us believe that we are more spiritual than the other, and that’s OK.
Now, what can we do to become totally spiritually awake?  Well, I think that the description above of the spiritual minded person tells all.  We can be that kind, generous and loving person we claim to be 24/7.  It only takes a little mindfulness to make it so.  Keeping in mind those attribute that make us a spiritual person.
Ok, you are a spiritual person, so what do you do to prove it?  Do you work with the sick and dying?  Do you go to church and pray for all the non-Christians in this world?  Maybe there are other things you do that you believe proves that you are a spiritually awakened person.  Or, maybe you just think about all that without doing anything… Maybe…
I want to be a totally awaken spiritual person and I want you to awaken also.  We can change this world from being totally materialistic to be spiritually oriented world in 2012.  2012 will be a year of change, a transitional world into the higher aspects of the spiritual life.  You and I can be apart of that.  We only have to make up our minds to be so by promoting to the world that we are indeed a spiritually awaken person.


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Spirit Quest by Rev. John Simpson

My essay is by way of response to the course and how it has affected me for good.
Techniques: I found the various techniques of value, as often programs do not always address the “how to” component of metaphysics. The Rope as a way to ground myself and let go of unwanted ideas; The center of my head – sitting in a space ship and seeing the screens before me helped me visualize; Protection Rose – visualizing a Rose and letting negatives flow into it and then destroying them. Later techniques….
These all enabled me to tap into my Intuitive side for spiritual growth. The creative, is one way into the intuitive self.
Teachings: Some concepts really challenged me, among them:
I am a perfect spiritual being on a unique course.
Me taking charge of my life instead of my life taking charge of me.
Setting goals at other levels than the final one, e.g. to become exposed to simple Visualization.
Your intention drives the force of my being.
I am forgiven for EVERYTHING! – after using the forgiveness letter.
Love is what comes around. What “comes around goes around”. The energy I’m
Created from is eternal. This was brought home when my daughter paid for our accommodation when we visited her in Italy!
I was able from these to get a better sense of myself, as unique, able to grow and change, potentially perfect and forgiven by God, the All. Since then I have been realizing my goals and helping others to set and reach theirs.
My Beliefs – what I call my “operational theology”. As a former minister, I thought I had worked my way to what I believed in my heart, what I really operate from. Questioning my decisions and thoughts, Discourse #15 showed me how much they are based in relationships, the way I’ve been responded to. As I step back and see the people involved, I am thankful for their interest in me without having to accept any longer their values. Example: An elderly couple encouraged me in my Christian faith as a young man. It was a fundamentalist faith. Gradually I moved away, yet inwardly their kindness kept pulling me back to their faith. I have been able to visualize them and my telling them my truth now – which they accepted with love. Life is a complicated game!
How Spirit Communicates was very exciting for me, as I have loved colour and music, worked with it and used colour to communicate to others the aliveness of all things. I had not thought of numbers before. This is communication on the spiritual level, especially when I mix and match things, make connections using colour and music. I’m working on the numbers as a way of communication.
I’ve learned that I’m becoming a present time person, putting energy into what I want. Looking to the past, previously, has helped me gain from it. Forgiveness has set me free from having to obey its impulses. Keeping my goals in the present time has progressed using the rose grounding method. I’ve changed my feelings about myself from bad to perfect – the mantra- : God loves you. You were created in perfection, by perfection, for perfection. Your success is guaranteed – Has enabled this.
Overall I have got freed up to use my energies creatively, to imagine what I want to become – “a fully alive, fully divine man”. I watch my words as they are powerful to attract, so that I say more of what I want. In short this course has brought me onto new ground where spring has broken out!
Rev. John A Simpson
The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more.
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Universal Life Church – Four Gospels

Dear Rev. Amy Long,
I had to find the old paper I wrote for the class, Four Gospels, on a backup. After reading it I decided to write a new paper as the old scripture is replaced with a new very special one. As I told you in the letter I wrote you I had to have some extensive surgery done. If you want to clip the paper here to use for others, go ahead. This is the purpose of this paper anyway.
After deteriorating muscles and nerves finally quit working, I had a tracheotomy and now am on a volume ventilator. I had polio when I was two years old and was “cured” from it. Forty years later it has come back with a vengeance.
When we give our lives to Christ all bets are off on what ‘we want’ and it becomes what God wants. I have multiple disabilities and have a wheelchair to scoot around in and a machine to breath for me, a real blessing in the disguise of a real tragedy. Ever hear of a preacher that couldn’t talk anymore? We never know where the blessings are coming from. I work with adults and children with challenges not disabilities. God put me in the condition I need to be in to witness to others with conditions that they feel are insurmountable.
We pray for healing and miracles everyday for our family and friends. Did you ever think that maybe this challenge is God’s will. Our lives are an example for Christ’s power and also the power of prayer. If it was not for the wheelchair and the ventilator I would not be able to reach both emotionally and spiritually the children I work with and the adults I preach to. God works in such mysterious ways. We are placed it God’s hands and we need to be moldable and able to accept the path God wants us to live.
Matthew 4 : 23
23 And Jesus went about in all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every sickness among the people.
What is happening is Jesus is healing people by giving them everlasting live. The spiritual healing that is necessary to give a person everlasting live is to believe in Jesus.
John 3: 16
16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that every one who believes into Him would not perish, but would have eternal life.
This is my favorite scripture. John 3: 16 You say this is a scripture that is just to use for conversion of non-believers, I say it is the scripture we should all have as a favorite. Remember what the demons said as they were being cast out.
Mark 1 : 24
24 What have we to do with You, Jesus, Nazarene? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are — the Holy One of God.
When we believe in Jesus the evil spirits flee. This evil spirit is here around us in great numbers at this time. All we have to do is look around us and see the results of this spirit. To cast out this demon, all it takes it to believe in God’s son. They will no longer perish, but would have eternal life.
Let us pray, “God help us all to believe in Jesus, to have him the focus point in our lives. Keep this evil spirit away from us, away from our children, and away from our churches. Amen”
Rev. Dr. William Stilwater, Ph.D. D.D.
So much suffering.
So little time.


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Chaplaincy Program

Rev. Travis Richardson
  • What did you learn?
This course has provided to me valuable insight in to the history of a Chaplain and the role that Chaplains have provided. Although I was aware there are Chaplains in the Military, Police Forces, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Prisons and so on, I was unaware of the roles that the Chaplain actually provided. Not only is the Chaplain there for the members of the particular service but the service they provide to the general masses was enlightening moment of understanding for me. An example of this is in a hospital where an individual is awaiting a major surgery and has some reservations and calls upon the services that a Chaplain is able to offer. Back in lesson one, the term and concept of “keeper of the sacred” struck a deep sense of understanding within me, furthering my understanding of what it is that a Chaplain actually does. To borrow a term used in lesson two, “mark of the divine” combined with “keeper of the sacred” provided to me the universal level of understanding that my mind frequently searches for when taking a class. A Chaplain is one who serves all people spiritually regardless of who they are.
  • What helped you?

What helped me the most out of this course was the actual encouragement from Rev. Daniel Moore promoting the Humanist style of being a Chaplain, where it is encouraged that a minister  who so chooses lean more towards promoting and encouraging individual beliefs rather than simply following the same old same old. The promotion of the person over the belief structure rings true to me and my own beliefs.

In lesson two the paragraph titled The Call By God where it speaks of the three points of how God calls to someone; Personally, Dreams and Visions and Miracles are elements that resonate within my life and my perceptions. There are over 6 billion people on this planet, not everyone is going to believe the same thing. 
Another aspect I found that this course highlighted for me was my own tendency of responding in kind to individuals who have a harsh tongue when they speak in a degrading manner towards another based upon racial commentary of age, race, gender, personal choices. It reminded me that even though individuals have the “right” to freedom of expression, that it does not mean one should. 
This course has also led me towards the Clinical Chaplain Education for service in my local Hospitals. I have found the local CPE board and will soon be contacting them as well as the local hospitals to further my own goals. There are internships available however having a family and financial concerns to consider may just result in an opportunity to resolve a difficulty.  
  • What could improve this course?
The only suggestion that I would like to offer is more internet links for other countries alongside those provided for the USA.
  • What you hope you will accomplish as a result of taking this course.
This course is part of the Chaplaincy Program offered by the ULC Seminary, it is a required course, but I feel the need to say that if all courses where as informative with a good balance of information and personal experiences, that they would be just as enjoyable to take as this one has been.
Thank you Rev. Daniel Moore for taking the time to share your wisdom, constructing this course and offering thought a church that is more in line with my own philosophies.


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Miracle of Prayer

Final Essay Dr. of Spirituality – The Miracle of Prayer
Rev Sharon J. Mayer
Prayer. Each religion has a form of prayer and from an early age we are taught to pray in one form or another. For those raised in a Christian home the first prayer may have been “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take.” This might be followed by “God bless…..” sometimes involving a very long list to keep from having to go to bed. Then there was a prayer of grace before eating. As the child grew up they were exposed to the “Lord’s Prayer” during church services as well as other prayers… Some children understood what prayer was about and some just mouthed the words.
Now there are churches that tell the parishioners that if you pray hard enough and believe enough you can have any thing you want including all the money you might want, a new car, home etc. Just pray and follow the Prosperity Gospel and it will be given to you. If these items don’t come the person is told they did not pray hard enough.
But are these prayers correct? Is that the proper way to pray? What is the Lord’s Prayer really about? Why should we pray with love and continually? The lessons in Miracle of Prayer explain what we are to be doing and how to correctly pray. It teaches to use prayer for thanking and thanksgiving, for a means to receiving the bountiful blessing we are entitled to. This doesn’t mean fancy cars or unlimited funds but our needs being met on a day to day basis.
I use to ride to work with a wonderful gentleman who was a preacher from Africa. He would have a conference call going with abut five or six people each morning and they would be praying in French and other languages. Every other sentence was a thank you to God. This kept up for about a half an hour as we rode along. I could not understand all that was said but I could understand the thank you that punctuated each sentence of each of the people in the group that were praying. I would be so uplifted and calmed by the experience each day. I was sorry when our schedules changed and I no longer rode with this person. Until I studied the lessons in Miracle of Prayer I did not understand the reason for my uplifting was that all of us were joined in thanking for our particular blessings of the day to come even before they happened. Because we did the thanking the best happened to each of us. It was a wonderful experience. As taught in Miracle of Prayer the people in the group believed that they were in communication with God and he was in communication with them on a personal basis. These trips to work and the wonderful feeling I got from the experience were the beginning of my quest for a way to spread the love and my joining the ministry of the Universal Life Church Seminary.
During the class we were asked to try praying for someone and some things and to report what the experience led to. I found that when I went into the day thanking before hand that there were more good things that would happened then bad. I was calmer and more focused on what needed to be done then distractions caused by the bad things that might happen or in some cases did. With a prayerful and thankful heart I was able to bring a thankful day to a close.
I don’t get riches or extra goods when I pray now. I do find that each day I have what I need to be able to get through the day and provide for what is needed. I see that funds seem to go farther and if something is needed it seems to be taken care of without as much fuss and bother. That is the Miracle of Prayer. The ability to handle what happens and to receive what is needed to go forward. It took me many years to understand this with all the outward distractions and false ideas I had about prayer. I am richer for having taken the course and receiving a good understanding of prayer and what to expect. Do I always get an answer – yes – Is it what I wanted? Not always but my needs are taken care of now that I know what to look for and what to expect.
The lessons were well written and using the Course In Miracles and the companion book on prayer helped with the understanding of the material. The excellent course by Rev Siani was what made me purchase the books as I am a person who needs reinforcements to reach a better understanding; and to be able to actually see the parts of the books cited and read them along with the lesions was a wonderful way to enjoy the lessons in a richer and fuller manner. The course was a great revelation and the lessons are stepping stones to further study and contemplation.

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